February/ March myStickers winner. The iPad Winner!

iPadThe iPad winner has been drawn….now don’t worry if you weren’t picked. Because the draw has been so popular the next prize will also be an iPad. (Drawn end of May). So keep redeeming your rewards to be in with a chance.

Right, back to this draw….And the winner is [drum roll please]..

Sticker code: Y9Z884
From School: Bentley Wood High School for Girls.

We will shortly be in contact with Bentley Wood to contact the student in question. Congratulations ! And to everyone else there is another iPad to be won so keep redeeming !

18 thoughts on “February/ March myStickers winner. The iPad Winner!

  1. what if you are upset i mean i know its sad but i started crying because of it.
    everyone around me put me down saying i would never win a competition and its only for lucky people unlike me.

  2. if a person has the highest amount of points overall then will they get a prize too.

  3. @Katryna. We notify the winner directly via their school. We also post some (but not all for privacy reasons) winner information on this blog.

  4. @Mattie. With regards to the iPad. That is a lottery prize so each reward entered into mystickers is a ticket to enter. The person with the most points has the best chance but is not guaranteed an iPad.

  5. omg i so wanted one grr y cant u give 1st 2nd and 4rd prizes as well then they will be more of a chance of winning oh well at least i did not cry :)

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