November – December Prize Winner!

St Angela’s Ursuline School in London will be pleased to know that one of their pupils won a brand new Nintendo 3DS!    Their prize will be sent to the school in January.

The winning code was: 97R4MM

Congratulations and keep up the hard work!

Santa’s Naughty and Nice List

The School Stickers naughty and nice list has become an annual tradition and this year’s results are here! Using data from, we have recorded the girls and boys who have collected the most and least stickers this year – suggesting who has been the best and worst behaved.

This year the little angels in class are most likely to be called Chloe or Jack, while the little devils are most likely to be named  Jess or Chris.  “In 2010, neither Chloe or Jack were in the top ten best in the class list, so this suggests they’ve worked extra hard this year.” Neil Hodges, Managing Director.

You might be also interest to know that 62% of all stickers collected were by girls.

Here are the full results:

TOP 10 Best Behaved Girls

1.            Chloe

2.            Emily

3.            Megan

4.            Jessica

5.            Hannah

6.            Charlotte

7.            Lauren

8.            Rebecca

9.            Sophie

10.          Katie

TOP 10 Best Behaved Boys

1.            Jack

2.            James

3.            Daniel

4.            Thomas

5.            Matthew

6.            Ryan

7.            Joshua

8.            Jordan

9.            Luke

10.          Callum

TOP 10 Worst Behaved Girls

1.            Jess

2.            Hayley

3.            Becky

4.            Rosie

5.            Kayleigh

6.            Gemma

7.            Stephanie

8.            Kirsty

9.            Ashley

10.          Beth

TOP 10 Worst Behaved Boys

1.            Chris

2.            Scott

3.            Sean

4.            John

5.            Josh

6.            Jonathan

7.            Robert

8.            Christopher

9.            Andrew

10.          Bradley