Santa’s Draft Naughty & Nice List 2013 Revealed

–       Robert and Courtney are best behaved children in 2013
–       Naughty Michael and Phoebe need to be good all December

Children called Robert and Courtney are most likely to be at the top of Santa’s gift-list this Christmas. Research by School Stickers, the leader in school rewards, has revealed that children with these names are the most likely to behave well. But girls called Phoebe and boys called Michael may not have so many presents to open on Christmas morning. Unfortunately, children with these names appear to be more prone to naughtiness! However, as this is only the ‘draft’ list kids still have three weeks to improve their behavior!

The annual study revealed that boys called Robert, Jamie, Oliver, Alex and Kieran the most likely to receive School Stickers rewards (for good behavior in the classroom). But parents should be wary of naming their sons Michael, Benjamin, Owen, Luke or Kyle as these names appear least often among recipients (of rewards).

Mums and dads are more likely to have an easier time if they have a daughter called Courtney, Rachel, Shannon, Lucy or Amy all names at the top of the School Stickers reward ‘league’. But if their little girl is named Phoebe, Olivia, Holly, Alice or Bethany they could have trouble on their hands!

School Stickers supplies 9,500 schools with stickers, postcards and certificates which teachers give pupils for good behavior and achievement. Teacher’s can have online codes on the rewards and this year over 65,000 pupils have logged a reward in their online sticker book and competed in competitions using these rewards.

Analysis on the registration name and stickers collected reveals who got awarded the most stickers – the nicest – and who got the least – the naughtiest!  Four million rewards have been redeemed since was launched six years ago, more than one million in the last 12 months.

Neil Hodges, Managing Director, School Stickers said, “The annual ‘Santa’s Naughty and Nice list’ is only a bit of Christmas fun. All children are delightfully different and just because a child is called Robert or Courtney does not mean they are going to be angels, just as Michael and Phoebe are not necessarily little monsters! School Stickers has been trusted by thousands of schools to reward pupils for good behavior and achievement ever since it was created by a teacher in 2000. We’re proud that our products motivate and inspire young people, whatever their names!”

Nicest Girls Naughtiest Girls Nicest Boys Naughtiest Boys
Courtney Phoebe Robert Michael
Rachel Olivia Jamie Benjamin
Shannon Holly Oliver Owen
Lucy Alice Alex Luke
Amy Bethany Kieran Kyle
Nicole Ella Nathan Lewis
Jessica Eleanor Daniel George
Abigail Megan Brandon Connor
Sophie Amber Joseph Adam
Jade Caitlin Jake Liam

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