Who’s been naughty and nice this year? Our 2014 draft survey results

  • Jacob, Daniel, Thomas, James and Adam are the names of the best behaved boys

  • Joseph, Cameron, William, Jake and Joshua have a month to improve their behaviour

  • Amy, Georgia, Emma, Charlotte and Grace are the names of the best behaved girls

  • Ella, Bethany, Eleanor, Olivia and Laura need to be good all December!

Our annual survey has revealed the names of children who received plenty of our rewards 105054-00from teachers this year and those who need to try a little harder to be good on the run up to Christmas.

Our team at school stickers work to provide schools all over the world with rewards for the classroom. 10,000 schools use our products and over 58,000 pupils this year have logged rewards on our MyStickers portal.

We launched MyStickers 7 years ago and in that time four million rewards have been redeemed with over one million of those being in the last 12 months. This is how we track which children have been naughty and which have been nice throughout the year.

Here’s this years results so far:

Jacob, Daniel, Thomas, James and Adam have been the most well behaved boys this year. Joseph, Cameron, William, Jake and Joshua need to make a special effort before Santa comes in a months time though!

Amy, Georgia, Emma, Charlotte and Grace can expect Santa to be very generous on Christmas day. However Ella, Bethany, Eleanor, Olivia and Laura need to work extra hard in the run up to the big day.

As this is only a draft list, there’s still time for the “naughty” children to earn some extra rewards, this might even motivate them to do so!

Neil Hodges, School Stickers Managing Director says, “The annual ‘Santa’s Naughty and Nice list’ is just a bit of fun, and obviously there are many Ella’s and Joseph’s that are perfect little angels, just as I’m sure there are many Amy’s and Jacobs that can be a bit of a handful. School Stickers has been trusted by thousands of schools to reward pupils for good behaviour and achievement ever since it was created by a teacher in 2000. We’re proud that our products motivate and inspire young people, whatever their names!”

Below you can see our extended list of the children that have been “naughty and nice”. Let us know if any of your children’s names feature on the list and if they can expect Santa to be nice this year!

Nicest Girls Naughtiest Girls Nicest Boys Naughtiest Boys
Amy Ella Jacob Joseph
Georgia Bethany Daniel Cameron
Emma Eleanor Thomas William
Charlotte Olivia James Jake
Grace Laura Adam Joshua
Sophie Holly Harry Jamie
Abigail Courtney Samuel Lewis
Hannah Amber Jack Benjamin
Emily Caitlin Oliver Ethan
Alice Jade Ryan Luke

33 thoughts on “Who’s been naughty and nice this year? Our 2014 draft survey results

  1. My boys have the last name Benjamin so they didn’t stand a chance. Their first. Names are Tristin & Brody. Tristin is an angel Brody is my little devil.

  2. My first and last name are the first names on the naughty list…..This list clearly needs revision……………

  3. I guess you can see why I am asking a question (notice my name?) Curious…. how did you figure this out? I know that my name is super uncommon even now (almost unheard of when I was growing up) so what calculation do you use to tell? My thoughts are this…..what if there are only 50 Bethany’s in your list of 60,000 and 47 are naughty (large %) but then there are 1000 Jessica’s and 600 are naughty (lower % but MANY more kids!) FUNNY!! LOVE IT!!!!

  4. Interesting enough out of my kinder students my worst behaved are named Joseph and Etta (close enough haha) and out of all the top ten girls eight of them are the names of my best behaved girls.

  5. Hi Bethany, this is a light-hearted survey based on the number of children with certain names our online database has picked up as being given the most or least classroom rewards. In no way are we saying all (if any) Bethanys should actually be on Santas naughty list. Thanks for the comment!

  6. Yeah sounds about right. Nearly burnt down my parents home twice when I was a child….. #kidsplaywithfire

  7. Interesting how bETHANy and ETHAN are both in the naughty list.. Just an observation. I really like the name Ethan too…

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