Now you can design your own stickers AND badges!

We’ve had some really great feedback on our Sticker Maker since we launched it a few months ago, and today we’re really excited to announce that we’ve made it even better!

Based on your feedback, we’ve tidied a few things up and we’ve also added in the ability to design your Button Badges!

Create Your Own Stickers

The process for designing your own badge is the same as it is for creating your own stickers, but as the sticker maker has had a bit of a design refresh, here’s how you use it!

Pick a product!

You’ll need to decide whether to create a sticker or a badge at the first step.

You can now choose to create your own badges using the sticker maker

Round stickers are available in 25mm or 35mm sizes. Square stickers are 25mm. Our personalised badges are 50mm, 38mm or 25mm in diameter and have a plastic back with a safety pin to fasten them to your clothes.

Time to get creative!

Now that you have chosen the size and shape of your sticker or badge, it’s time to start designing it! You’ll see a live preview of your design on the left and all the tools you can use on the right.

School Stickers Custom Sticker Design Tool

If you want to make a change to the size or shape of your sticker/badge, just click on the ‘Change Shape’ or ‘Change Size’ buttons at the top of the tools section.

Important info about print bleed:
You’ll probably notice that there’s a shaded area over your design that’s labelled as ‘Print Bleed’. The print bleed area is an area around the edge of your sticker that may be affected by the printing process.

Anything inside this area might not be printed as you expect, or may be cut off on the finished sticker/badge.  To avoid any disappointment, we’d recommend that any important bits of your design, including the text fits within the main sticker area and doesn’t cross into the bleed area.

Upload your own photo

Upload your own image or choose one of oursWe’ve given you some great backgrounds to get you started, but using one of your own images and photos will really make your sticker or badge stand out. To upload your own background, click on the upload button and select the photo or image that you want to use.

Once you have uploaded your background, you can crop it to size or zoom in to make it fit.v Drag the cropping tool around until you’re happy with your background, then click on ‘Crop’. You’ll see your edited image on the preview to the left.  If you’re happy with the how your sticker or badge looks, click on done.

If you want to try a different background, just repeat the steps above.

Designers Tip: Try not to use really busy backgrounds. Text is to read if there’s too much going on behind it.

Add an icon or logo

You can have a logoUpload your own image for the centre of your sticker or badge in the centre of your sticker or badge too – the way you upload your image is the same as it is for setting the background. We’ve give you some images to get you started too.

Designers Tip: If you want to upload your own image, you’ll need to upload an image with a transparent background. 

If you don’t have an image on a transparent background, drop us an email and we’ll create something for you!


Add your text

By now, you should have a pretty awesome sticker or badge – all that’s left is to add some text to it. You can add text to the top, middle & bottom of your design. All text areas are optional so you could just have a photo on your sticker if you wanted.

Add your own text to your stickers and badges

The number of characters you can have in each place is limited to ensure your sticker looks great when it’s printed. You can use up to 30 characters at the top, 12 in the middle and 40 on the bottom.

The controls under the text box allow you to edit the colour and formatting of the text.

The arc slider lets you adjust the curve of the top and bottom text to make it fit the curve of the sticker better.

If you don’t want your text to curve, you can turn it off by changing the ‘Curve’ drop down to ‘Off’.

You can change the position of the middle text by sliding the ‘Position’ Slider up and down.

The text can really make or break your design, so spend some time fine tuning the curve, font size and positioning.

Your design is updated in real time, so how it looks on the left is how it will be when it’s printed.

Create Your Own Stickers

Designer Tips:

  • If you have a lot of text, go for a larger sized sticker
  • Avoid using bold, italic and outline if you have a lot of characters
  • Avoid using same coloured outlines, it makes the text harder to read
  • Choose font colours that contrast and compliment your background image.
  • Use a white outline on text if you’re using a dark background image
  • Avoid White on Yellow

Save your design

Once you’ve finished designing your sticker or badge, click on the ‘next’ button. You’ll be asked to save your sticker. If you register or sign in to the school stickers site, your design will be saved for you so that you can easily re-order it in the future.

Clicking on the ‘next’ button again will take you to the order screen.  Here you’ll be asked to choose a pack size. You can buy your newly created sticker in individual sheets, mini packs and value packs. Badges are available in singles or packs of 20.

Once you’ve completed checkout, your stickers and badges will be sent to our design team where we’ll carefully print them, quality check them and despatch them to you. Your stickers and badges will be with you within 4-7 days (depending on where you are in the world!).

We’d love to know what you think about the updates that we’ve made to the Sticker Maker, so please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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