Teachers – Get ready to go Back to School!

Photo by: akeg

Photo by: akeg

No doubt you are enjoying your well-earned summer break, but it won’t be long until you have to start thinking about your classrooms and pupils once more.

Whether you’re a seasoned teacher or an NQT, you’ll have lots to prepare ready for going back to school in September. You may find that you want to shake up a few things in your classroom next year, like road testing some new rewards to see if you can boost motivation and get your pupils enthusiastic about their studies from day one.

This post will outline some ways you and your fellow teachers can use products from our Back to School range to boost pupil motivation and give students a warm welcome.

Settling in

Whether you’re an NQT or an experienced teacher starting in a new school this September, you are bound to be a little nervous about settling in. All of those new names and faces you have to remember!

Either way, ‘getting to know you’ activities on the first day of term can help make your class feel welcome as well as giving you a chance to get to know your pupils’ personalities.

School Stickers have the perfect name labels for this occasion, they’re bold and bright and you can use them for your students’ trays, pegs etc… Whatever you need labelled, yourself included!

Setting a Precedent with Rewards

Back to School Stickers

As well as ‘getting to know you’ activities on the first day back, making your pupils feel welcome and enthusiastic for school can be aided through the use of rewards.

These adorable Back to School doodle stickers featuring back to school-themed designs, are great for teachers who want to offer their students a friendly welcome on the first day back and praise them for their positive attitudes.

NQT Sticker Starter PacksBut if you are looking for rewards that work a little further down the line, School Stickers also have bumper reward packs. This set features star stickers, stampers and certificates, perfect for NQT’s and teachers who may be new to classroom rewards.

Along with the Classroom Carrots reward system, you can also create your own unique rewards to use in class, things like Skip the Lunch Queue passes for the canteen and the like. To find out more about how the School Stickers reward system can benefit your classroom, have a look at this handy guide.

Getting to know the Parents

Many teachers starting a new school or teaching a new class will also want to establish a good rapport with parents. The parents’ input is just as important as yours to a child’s education, so you will want to keep hold of their contact details and also introduce yourself to them early on. That way, they will know that they can share their concerns with you whenever they need to and vice versa.

Welcome Back PostcardsPraise Postcards are an excellent way to open communication between yourself and your pupils’ parents on the first week back. They come in a huge range of designs, covering all subject areas, so you’re bound to find an eye-catching design suitable for your classroom. All of our praise postcards can include personalised messages printed on the front and back, which will save you time and effort, allowing you to post them all in one go!

If you have any thoughts on Back to School for teachers and the supplies they may need to make their jobs a bit easier, please share your ideas in the comments section below.

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