World Science Day: Peace and Development

Every year the 10th of November marks World Science Day. Established in 2002 by UNESCO, the aim is to strengthen public awareness on the role of science for peaceful and sustainable societies.112874-00

There are several objectives set out by UNESCO to help World Science Day really make a difference in how science is represented world wide.

We know kids don’t want to know the boring and technical bits though!

For kids, World Science Day is a great way to have fun doing experiments and other science related activities throughout the school.

So, if you’re considering using World Science Day 2014 as part of your teaching plan on the 10th ,we’ve got some ideas and Inspiration for you.

Our Science Pinterest account is great for finding fun and simple science experiments to do with pupils.

Here are just a few of our top picks:’s Dancing Frankenworms



This experiment uses baking soda, vinegar and jelly worms, the outcome is exciting and will fascinate younger kids.

Malia at says:

“A (her daughter), delighted she could make gummy worms come to life, couldn’t wait to show her little brother.  He really thought they were alive and stared at them trying to figure out how we did it, then refusing to eat any of the remaining worms from the bag.”

Learn Play Imagine’s Vinegar Eruptions

This one’s a messy one, the kids will love it! Color Mixing with Baking Soda and Vinegar (1)

Allison at Learn, Play, Imagine has come up with a great guide, full of tips and tricks about handling baking soda eruptions.

The bright colours, fun texture and easy ingredients makes this great for lower school kids.

As Allison states, the first thing kids will want to do is dunk their hands in and feel the foaming mixture, the great thing is that they can.

This experiment focuses on colour mixing and seeing which colours combine to make new ones.

Why not add your own twist and add glitter or fun shapes and see if it affects the way the reaction takes place.

I Heart Crafty Things Static ButterflyStatic Electricity Butterfly Experiment

Static electricity is the culprit of the occasional carpet related shock and hair disaster.

However Rachel from I Heart Crafty Things has come up with a great use for the static electricity to teach children the science behind static.

The great thing about this experiment is that all of the tools you need are probably already in your classroom!

Kids will find this one fascinating and it’s mess free- minus a few balloons inevitably flying around your classroom.



Oreo Plate Tectonics

hqdefaultThis one is inexpensive, fun and great for upper primary school children. Using biscuits to simulate the earth’s plates, children can use their visual, and listening skills to examine what occurs when the earth’s tectonic plates shift.

Click on the picture opposite to watch a video on the experiment.

Both informative and yummy!

 World Science Day Stickers


Our World Science Day stickers can be personalised with your schools name to show that you’re taking part in promoting the importance of science.

Pupils will really feel like they’re taking part in a special day when given one of these.


If you like the look of these experiments there are plenty more on our Pinterest page. Why not even come up with your own experiments and fun science activities and let us know what your class gets up to.








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