Postcards: The Individual, Inexpensive All Rounders

Whilst our School Stickers and Badges are great as temporary rewards, our Certificates and Postcards can be treasured for years to come.Untitled

We continuously get positive feedback about both products such as the lovely tweet received from Miss McAuley opposite.

When I was at primary school (a very long time ago) we had an annual award ceremony for the headteacher to give out certificates to a few select students (cue emotional music). I never got one, every year I sat with baited breath in the hope I’d get to stand up in front of the school and collect my reward. It never happened.

That’s why postcards are so great. You can send them to as many pupils as you want, never missing anyone out, making sure every one has already received a personal written message, praising all of the hard work they’ve done.

Another advantage of postcards is the fact that you can send them home, meaning you can include parents and carers in the reward process which helps to instil the positive reward message.

Our range of postcards┬ácover all different subjects and occasions, why not take a look? If you can’t find something to fit your needs get in touch we’ll be more than happy to help.


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