Do’s and Don’ts for sports day spectators

Have you been asked to attend a school sports day? Is the idea of running in the parents race keeping you up at night?

Here’s some fun School Stickers suggestions for limiting your risk of injury to your bodies, your dignity and your children’s school cred.


– Make sure you child is kitted out. Make sure trainers fit and they know how to do them up, if laces are an obstacle, go for Velcro.

Make sure you’re kitted out- if you volunteered for the parent race make sure you don’t wear flip flops. Also not a good idea to wear running spikes, you don’t want to look like you mean serious business.

Try and witness your child crossing the finish line or at least convincingly say you have!

 Bring snacks, plasters, water, spare socks and anything else you think your child might need  on the day to be as comfortable as possible.

Act appropriately when your child doesn’t come first.

Leave the judging to the judges.


Block everyone else’s view of their children with your huge video camera. Yes, its nice to record the memory but a few snaps on your phone at crucial moments is enough ensure you don’t annoy people around you.

 Take it too seriously.

 Offer your services as a water table supervisor if your child is expecting your full attention during their big race.

Get too upset if other parents act inappropriately- jealous parents are not as important as you staying cool and collected to cheer your child on.

Complain about decisions- photo finishes really aren’t necessary.

Most of all have fun! Sports days are meant to be light-hearted activity days for the kids to get some exercise and build on team working skills.

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