Is your class leaving? Assembly Ideas and Inspiration

Leavers assemblies are full of emotions and nostalgia, happy memories and times of struggle. They’re also one part of school that you tend to remember for years to come. They surround big moments in your educational life, whether you’re leaving to move up into secondary school or going into further education.

Therefore leavers assemblies require a little thought and planning. These ideas are great for both Yr6 and Yr11/13 for both teachers and pupils planning leaving celebrations.

design you own

103935-00 “I’m a year 6, get me out of here”

With less gruesome challenges and small awards at the end. This is a fun idea based on a television show format that most pupils will recognise.

A few challenge ideas: biscuit eating competition , questions from the audience- based on that years curriculum, pupil & staff charades.


The Time Warp108644-00

A series of sketches from pupils looking back at their school years and memorable events everyone will remember. Pupils can act out teachers experiences on school trips, sports days and memorable school plays. Another Idea is a school reunion theme: pretending it’s ten years on. Pupils can dress up and discuss what they’re up to “these days”.


Six Years in Photos

If your Year 6 class is a little more subdued and you think one of the above activities would be too much, you could put together a PowerPoint presentation containing photos of the children to show their progression throughout their school years. Play sentimental music in the background and include funny anecdotes, messages from teachers and so on. You could turn the presentation into a booklet and hand out copies for leavers to keep at the end.


Sixth formers will usually take their leavers assembly preparation into their own hands- after up to 7 years in a school they’ll most likely want to give themselves a good send off. If however they get stuck for ideas this always goes down well:

Students can take videos of them interviewing teachers (the funny ones) and ask them what they’ll miss most about the year as a whole. You’ll find you get some really comical responses. Another good idea is a slideshow of school pictures and events from year 7-sixth, old pictures always provide a good amount of entertainment and allow a bit of reminiscing over their time at the school.

Reward your school leavers with something they can keep hold of for years to come.

Alongside our school leavers themed certificates we have a range of personalised postcards which you can customise with any text of your choice at no added cost.

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Let us know your leaving assembly plans in the comments below or if you can remember what happened during your leaving assembly. During my Yr11 assembly all those years ago, a group of fellow students made an “emotional” montage with video clips and pictures from over the years. I wasn’t in it, but still, great video!

Extra Reading: The Guardians Career Advice Blog is a great resource for school leavers uncertain of what to do next.