Space exploration day. Teaching inspiration and facts.

Did you know: on this day in 1969 Apollo 11’s Lunar Module and two of its crew members safely set foot on the moon?

Space exploration represents a quest for knowledge, much like education.

Solar System Postcards

Here’s some space exploration facts for you to share with your pupils, carry on reading to the end of this post for this weeks deal!

  • It took the Apollo 11 crew just 4 days to reach the moon.
  • The Apollo 11 crew bought back rock, soil and core samples with them.
  • This was the first time samples had been obtained from another planet.
  • The first step on the moon was actually taken on July 21st.
  •  The Apollo computers had less processing power than a mobile phone.
  • Armstrong and Aldrin found the most difficult task was placing the flag on the moon.
  • Buzz Aldrin took communion on the moon 
  • The television audience for the event was an estimated 600 million
  • The crew landed in the sea in Hawaii.
  • Despite being the three most famous men at the time, the crew still had to fill in a customs and declarations form out at security when they returned.

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