NQT’s: Get a head start with our reward packs

At School Stickers we think it’s a good idea to get your planning, preparation and supplies sorted early. That way you can have a stress free holiday before the new school year, where as an NQT many challenges and tribulations face you.

You’ll learn quickly that time is limited and that marking takes up more time than you have. There are a few ways to save time on marking, we have a list of top tips. However the easiest (and most attractive) way to cut down the time you spend trawling through exercise books is to jump on the sticker and stamp bandwagon.

Our NQT Starter Packs include a mix of stickers, stamps and certificates to help you get a feel for which reward types you think work best. We’ve got 4 packs in total, they’re all a little different so make sure you pick the one you think you’ll make the most use out of.

Let us know if there are any more of our products you’d like to see in future reward packs and we’ll see what we can come up with.

NQT Starter Pack- Personalised Designs

Customised Star Stickers – 175 StickersKirsten Burke Super Stickers – 175 StickersTeachers Wow Stickers – 175 StickersGold Behaviour Stickers – 175 Stickers10mm Mini Multi Smiley Star Stickers – 1472 Stickers

You’ll get 2172 stickers in total for £24.95

NQT Starter Pack- Star Themed

Gold Star Xclamation StamperSuper Star Xclamation StamperMini Mixed Star Stickers – 468 Stickers, Customised Star Stickers – 140 StickersAsk Me Why Shooting Star Stickers – 140 StickersSuper Star Award Certificates – x 8 (A5)

You’ll get 2925 stickers, 8 certificates and 2 self inking stampers for £24.95

NQT Starter Pack- Animal Themed

Mini Underwater Stickers – 585 StickersMini Wildlife Photo Stickers – 585 StickersMini Safari Stickers – 585 StickersMini Safari Photo Stickers – 585 StickersAsk Me Why Animal Stickers – 175 Stickers

2012 sticker pack £24.95

NQT Starter Pack- Mixed Mini Designs

Mini Praise Stickers – 585 StickersMini Multi Smiley Star Stickers – 585 StickersMini Motivation Stickers – 585 StickersMini Multi Expressions Stickers – 585 StickersGold Star Easy Peel Stickers – 585 Stickers

2925 sticker pack £24.95

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