Lets talk: classroom decoration!

What are your classroom preparation rituals? Do you spend a day or two decorating notice boards with pupils work and hanging coloured paper and posters? Or, do you keep it simple and spend your extra day lesson planning? 

We don’t get many chances to get inside the classroom at School Stickers so instead of giving you suggestions we thought we’d put together a post of classroom décor ideas from around the web that we think are really cool!

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Here we go, here are a few of the coolest classroom ideas we found:

1. The Carnival Class: www.schoolgirlstyle.com 
2. The classroom door to narnia…

door to narnia

3. This wall of happiness from Buzzfeed (someone add kittens!)

wall of happiness

4. The wanted pupils Buzzfeed



5. Classroom Pom Poms! (Simply because you get to make Pom Poms). The First Grade Parade have some great examples- using them as table number decorations.



  • You can get your pupils to help! They can create paintings for notice boards and help make decorations
  • Pupils will help you clean up! Need a fun lesson plan for the end of the year? Get you pupils to take down all of the decorations so you can create something new for the next school year.
  • Decorations can be subject themed and help to inspire pupils interest in subjects.
  • These things don’t have to cost a fortune! Save money by using pupils work to decorate rooms!
  • It gives you a chance to discover your up-cycling skills. Save plastic containers and boxes and use them to hold supplies. You can paint them or decorate them with wrapping paper.

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