What do teens do all summer? MyStickers Survey Results

Welcome to the School Stickers blog! Our MyStickers survey has once again given us some great statistics on teenage behaviour to look at this summer. how-does-it-work

Some really positive news is that nine out of ten (89%) teenagers will be playing sport this summer. This is according to the 2,023 secondary school pupils who participated in the latest MyStickers survey.

Neil Hodges, Managing Director, School Stickers said:

The long school holidays have begun, and it is interesting to see how teenagers will be spending their time. It is great to see that playing sport will be something that most teenagers will be doing over the summer. It seems that reading and writing may not be high on their list of priorities, but it is their summer holiday!

The MyStickers survey asked teenagers how they spend their time outside of school, and playing sport was the clear winner coming out on top. Almost two thirds of those surveyed (64%) said that they’d hang out with their friends, the second most popular activity, but still significantly less popular than playing sport.

Three fifths (62%) of teenagers will be listening to music this summer, two fifths (43%) will be playing computer games, and 38% will be reading in their spare time. Shopping is the sixth most popular activity, with a third (33%) planning to shop.

Lower down on the popularity scale:
  • One in five (18%) are planning to watch sport
  • 16% planning to paint
  • 15% planning on doing some writing
  • 13% intend to go to their local youth club

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For more information on this survey please contact Cath Roan, Roan Media, [email protected] 07801 817 451

The survey was sent to all secondary schools across the UK and promoted to the 68,000 secondary school pupils that use www.mystickers.co.uk. 2,023 pupils took part.

School Stickers was launched by a teacher in October 2000 and its huge selection of stickers, postcards and certificates, which are personalised for free, are now used by over 9,500 schools to reward pupils for good behaviour and achievement. Its three online tools, Carrot Rewards, MyStickers, and Classroom Carrots make these rewards even more engaging and save teachers valuable time and effort managing and reporting classroom achievement.

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