15 Insanely smart teacher hacks

There are some things in teacher life that can be made so much easier or budget friendly that you might not have heard of.

Here are some top teacher hacks, let us know what your top hacks are in the comments below and we’ll make sure to share.

  1. ThinkstockPhotos-176764014Never be stuck with using a blunt pencil ever again. Have two buckets where pencils are stored. One for sharp pencils and one for pencils that need sharpening at the end of the day. Just make sure pupils help out with sorting and know which bucket to return their pencils to.
  2. Use masking or painters tape underneath double sided tape or glue to keep it from ruining the walls
  3. Use cardboard magazine holders to create individual storage units for each pupil
  4. Make your own glue dots for sticking things in windows
  5. Put tape around the end of school pencils so you always know which ones need to be returned
  6. Glue pom-poms onto the ends of whiteboard pens so you always have a mini eraser to hand
  7. Label electrical cables with tape or some of our stickersThinkstockPhotos-166623172
  8. Unclog glue bottles and lids by soaking them in vegetable oil
  9. Store paint in soap dispensers of squeezable sauce bottles for mess free dispensing
  10. Keep track of supplies with coloured stickers
  11. Use a nail file to make an old, dirty eraser look brand new again
  12. Hard paint brushes? Try washing them with conditioner
  13. Ice cube trays make good paint pots
  14. Sharpen a pair of scissors by cutting into a sheet of sandpaper
  15. Used tin cans are great for storing pens, pencils and scissors