Top 10 Music Marking Tools Every Teacher Should Own

Welcome Music teachers! The School Stickers office are known to have a bit of a sing along to the radio occasionally and we’ve got some karaoke champions! That’s why we love our music product category so much- it’s full of motivational and rewarding products for your pupils.

Let us know in the comments below what your favourite product from our music range is, you can view them all here. We’ll be over on Facebook and Twitter ready to welcome you with open arms (and stickers) @SchoolStickers. 

Here are the most popular badges, stickers and postcards amongst our teachers:

1.  Classic Music reward stickers

2. Music Praise Postcards

3. Lapel Badge- Blue Music Clef (also available in green)

4. Musical Note Award Stickers

5. Photographic Music Award Stickers

6. Blue Musical Notes Stamp

7. Amazing musician stickers

8. Music Square Reward Stickers

9. Music Lesson Stickers

10. Music Certificate Set 1

Want to create your own stickers, badges, postcards and marking stamps? Our unique Sticker Maker allows you to do just that! Give it a go and let us know how you find it.