Teachers Top Ten School Merit Stickers

Welcome to the School Stickers Blog! Today we’re sharing our top 10 school merit stickers with you. These are the most popular packs amongst our teachers and come in a range of designs, shapes and sizes for you to get your hands on.

104003-001. History Reward Stickers- Photographic

Stickers printed with photographs of some of the most historical landmarks and events are sure to go down well in any history class.

You can add your own text to these and can pick your reward type from “Merit”, “Credit”, “Commendation” and “Well Done”, or you can choose your own reward message.

school merit value pack



103886-002. English Reward Stickers- Photographic

Books, one of the most famous poets William Shakespeare and newspaper pages are just a few of the designs you’ll receive in this mixed pack of stickers for your English class.

You can have your name or reward message on these or even your favourite quote at no additional cost.

school merit value pack


118807-003. Maths Merit Shape Stickers

Great for younger children, these shape stickers combine rewarding and learning in one.

At 25mm these are great for sticking in exercise books whilst marking work. You’ll get 7 mixed designs in your pack in different colours, featuring different shapes.

school merit value pack



108947-004. Attendance Gold Merit Stickers

Reward perfect attendance or motivate pupils to keep up a good level of attendance with these gold reward stickers.

25mm with 7 mixed designs and available in three pack sizes: 140, 420 and 1,400 stickers so they’re great for stocking up.

school merit value pack


103862-005. Geography Reward Stickers- Photographic

Volcanoes, hurricanes, tidal waves and different landscapes are features on these 25mm merit stickers. Perfect for rewarding geography pupils for good work and effort in class.

Pick your reward type and add your custom text to personalise these for your classes needs.

school merit value pack

GYMNASTICS-006. Gymnastics Merit Stickers

Rewarding pupils for great effort is a way to ensure continued good behaviour and effort in gym class.

These pink, 35mm reward stickers feature 5 different acrobatic poses. You’ll get all 5 designs on mixed sheets and you can add your name to these at no added cost. We’ve also got a number of designs for different sports if gymnastics isn’t the class you teach.

school merit value pack



103897-007. French Reward Stickers- Photographic

These stickers will make your students “amour” your French lessons and motivate them to continue the hard work and effort they put in.

At 25mm these are the perfect size for sticking into exercise books as you mark or for sticking on uniforms or work sheets.

school merit value pack

FOOTBALL-008. Football Merit Stickers

Another sporty favourite. These football merits are great for PE teachers or after school football practise. Motivational and rewarding, these are perfect to giving kids the boost they need when energy is lacking or behaviour looks like its taking a turn.

At 25mm these are great for uniforms and because our stickers are super sticky they wont fall off of jumpers or t-shirts like other stickers do.

school merit value pack



104009-009. Music Reward Stickers- Photographic

Photographic stickers are always top sellers and our music stickers are no exception. These musical, beautiful images captivate young musicians to motivate and reward hard work and good behaviour.

These are 25mm which means you’ll get 7 different designs in your pack. Add your teacher name and reward type to personalise these at no added cost.

school merit value pack



103992-0010. Art Reward Stickers- Photographic

Bright, colourful, lovely designs must mean these are fit for budding artists. Personalise these by picking your reward type and adding either your name, class name or a short reward message.

school merit value pack





Are you a carrot school? We can print MyStickers codes on all of these reward stickers, just select the option when you check out. 

If you’d like your own pictures printed onto our stickers simply get in touch and one of our design team will be able to create these for you at no added cost. Remember you can also design your own stickers, badges and marking stamps using our Sticker Maker

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