School Stickers Naughty and Nice List 2015!

In the name of fun (excuse the pun) it’s become a tradition for us to release the names of children using MyStickers who have logged their codes the most and least throughout the year. Here’s the 2015 School Stickers Naughty and Nice list!

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 School Stickers is a leading provider of personalised printed school rewards. We supply over 10,000 schools worldwide with personalised stickers, certificates, postcards, badges and so much more.
We have three online tools: MyStickers, Carrot Rewards and Classroom Carrots. These are designed to be used on their own, or with our printed rewards, to engage pupils, save teachers valuable time in managing and reporting on classroom achievement and are all free to use!
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How we create the annual Naughty and Nice Name List

When ordering any of our printed rewards, teachers can choose to have unique codes printed on each one. When given a reward students can log their unique code in their online account on
Over 70,000 pupils logged a reward in their MyStickers account in the last year. Analysis on account names and the amount of stickers collected reveals the names of pupils who got the most rewards- the nicest and who was given the least- the “naughtiest”!
Over Five million rewards have been redeemed in the last eight years since we launched MyStickers. More than one million of these rewards were logged in the last 12 months.

Neil Hodges, Managing Director, School Stickers said: “Our annual ‘Santa’s Naughty and Nice list’ is just a bit of fun and not meant to be taken seriously. There are many children called Leah and Joseph who are perfect little angels, just as there are many called Harry and Anna who Santa is watching! School Stickers is trusted by thousands of schools to reward pupils for good behaviour and achievement. We’re proud that our products motivate and inspire young people, whatever their names!”


If you’ve ordered any of our printed rewards before and work within a school, Carrot Rewards could be the perfect classroom management system for you!

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On the hunt for school rewards?

Looking for personalised stickers, badges, certificates or even sports day medals? At School Stickers we have almost every school reward you could dream of.
Our unique online tool Sticker Maker, allows you to upload your own images and create stickers, make button badges, personalised postcards and add your own text to our school marking stamps.
We have a range of rewards for all subject areas, for primary and secondary schools and all budgets.

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