5 Reasons to Fall Head Over Heels in Love with Stickers

Welcome to the School Stickers blog. As you can probably tell, we’re mad about stickers. Here’s 5 reasons why we think you should be too!

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1. You can create your own

Using our Sticker Maker you can completely create your own stickers from scratch. The tool allows you to upload your own images and completely customise your text so your sticker is exactly how you want it.

Read all about Sticker Maker here. The tool is really simple to use, there are just a few steps and you can create your personalised designs in minutes.

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2. They’re great for kids of all ages

Don’t be fooled by your secondary school pupils! Children of 15 love receiving stickers just as much as children at 5 years old.

We have a whole section on our website dedicated to secondary school rewards. Check them all out here, we promise you’ll find something great for your class.

You’ll find our early years rewards here and primary here.


3. They have so many uses!

From Attendance and Behaviour to subject specific rewards, there really is a design for every class need.

They can be stuck into books, on school uniforms, on test papers and even used to decorate your classroom! We have some really useful assessment stickers and a great range of sports rewards.

View all of our different subject designs here.


4. They come in 1000’s of different designs

On the School Stickers website you’ll find bright and beautiful designs great for young children alongside more classic metallic stickers and even pretty gift labels!

Stickers can be any colour you can imagine with any choice of your text with different designs and pictures. If you don’t see what you’re looking for in our sticker page either give us a call on 0800 988 0550 or use our Sticker Maker to create your own designs.

5. Stickers possess the ability to make children feel fantastic!

Motivational, rewarding, fun, fabulous and self esteem boosting are just a few ways we like to describe our stickers.104272-00

Whether you leave a star as a surprise next to marked work, hand out stickers for school jumpers or use fancy dinosaurs on your class reward chart, our stickers have mood boosting powers.

When you hand out reward stickers it’s a universally accepted sign of saying well done. Children automatically feel a sense of pride when they know they’re performing as they should be.

If you’re not sold on School Stickers yet, have a browse of our blog. You’ll find case studies, product suggestions and lots of fun! 

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