How do you create a positive classroom experience?


What do you do in your classroom to create an overall positive atmosphere and learning environment? Here’s a couple of stories and ideas from different teachers on how they create a positive environment.

“I keep all my students actively involved. For example, while a student does a presentation, involve my other students in evaluating it.”ThinkstockPhotos-467864409

“Being committed to student learning involves knowing our students as learners and as individuals. Once students realize that we genuinely care for them then we are on the right path to creating a positive and trusting learning community.”

“I am always so excited and anxious the night before the first day of school. Probably even more than the students! It is so important to create that positive learning environment where students feel safe and comfortable from day one. I agree that students should be talked to outside of the room for certain situations because the last thing you want to do is embarrass the child. At times when I get frustrated, I always try to remind myself to think about the situation as if it was my principal and I. ”

Strategies for a positive classroom

Make learning relevant

Students will engage more effectively and retain much more information when they see that what they’re learning is vital to their own success and happiness. Discover preferred learning styles, talents and interests of the pupils in your class to help you adjust teaching methods to match.

Reinforce Positive Behaviour

Strengthen your pupils motivation with the use of recognition items such as certificates, stickers and postcards. This allows pupils to make the connection of feeling good about themselves with producing good work and demonstrating great behaviour.

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Agree on Classroom Rules at the Beginning of the Year

Taking time out for this simple step can prevent a lot of misery in the long term. Experienced educators suggest engaging students actively in the process of determining a set of class rules. Taking this preventative measure creates a positive climate from the start.

Rarely Use the Word “Wrong”

Students need to know that you’re not going to press a buzzer every time they make a comment or ask a question, no matter how ridiculous. Starting the year off by accepting their errors and misgivings means that you get to know them and their style of learning. Also, you get to show them the way you’ll respond to questions for the rest of the year.

The word “wrong ” often inhibits participation, instead find ways to let students know answers are incorrect without making them think “I might as well not answer“.

Look into behaviour management systemspart of carrot

Systems that allow you to reward pupils and track who’s making what kind of progress are a great way to not only control what’s going on but to add a bit of excitement. Carrot Rewards allows you to do all of these things and implement the fully customisable system school wide.

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