Ten ways to reward your pupils in under ten seconds

Welcome to School Stickers! Are you new? Visit our site to find out all about the great school rewards we provide globally. Today we’re bringing you ten ways to reward your pupils in the affordable and time efficient ways.

103521-021. Stick a sticker. In an exercise book, on a homework sheet, exam paper or even a school jumper. With 1000’s of rewards to pick from you’ll find a great design for your class. With prices starting at £1.98 you can mix and match designs and create a kit for rewarding on the go.

Whether you want to reward attendance, behaviour progress or a great piece of work, stickers are a great all rounder for all purposes.

2. Button a badge. There are over 50 button badge designs on our site and 100’s of enamel badges to pick from. We can help you pick the perfect badges for your class and we can even add any text of your choice at no extra cost. Did you know you even design your own badges from scratch using our Sticker Maker…

3. Certificates. It might just take a few seconds to fill a certificate in but really, certificates are a fantastic way of making your reward not only last longer but make pupils feel like they’ve accomplished a big achievement. There are 1000’s of designs to pick from including subject specific options.

4. Dropping things down a size. Credit card sized rewards are becoming increasing popular. They’re so quick to slip inside an exercise book alongside positive feedback yet really effective in boosting your pupils confidence.

5. Feedback with stamps. It takes about 1 second to imprint a pupils work with a gold star stamp like this one. Using our Sticker Maker you can make your own stamp which will allow you to add any text of your choice, this could be a generic message or an inside class joke!

6. Save your ink. Do you notice yourself writing the same piece of feedback over and over in different pupils books? You’ll find you can shave time off your marking process with the use of our self inking stamps. There are hundreds of designs, some provide a full comment and some allow you to write a note next to the stamp as an extra piece of feedback. Most importantly, you can add your school, class or teacher name to all of our marking stamps at no added cost.

7. Think up a phrase. Have you got a class motto, inside joke or simply a preferred reward message? You can add any text of your choice (up to 48 characters) to any of our printed rewards at no added cost. This makes handing out printed rewards a little bit more personal!

8. Use small class incentives. Have you used reward charts in your class before? If you have you’ll know how amazingly well pupils can respond to the small daily incentive to improve behaviour and keep up good work. If you’re new to reward charts do some research, charts are a fantastic way to encourage pupils and can come in all shapes and sizes.

9. Send a well done home. Educational postcards are a great way of getting parents involved in the recognition of your pupils achievements. All you need to do is head over to our postcard page, pick your subject area, choose your images and customised message and pop one into the post for any pupils deserving of one.

10. Make a mark. Visit our range of marking products and pick something that you know will work for your pupils. It takes just seconds to add your custom text and drop it into your basket.

Don’t forget…to check out our tiered pricing and price match guarantee to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible on your printed school rewards.