Have you been naughty or nice this year?


With one month to go until Christmas, we have launched our much-loved annual Naughty and Nice names list for the ninth year. As we say each year, it is just a bit of festive fun, and not to be taken seriously, as some schools give hundreds of rewards, and some thousands*, but if you are curious here are this year’s results….…

Boys called Joshua, Thomas, Jack, Oliver and James, and girls called Emily, Chloe, Sophie, Olivia and Ellie, were the most likely to receive School Sticker’s rewards (for good behaviour and hard work in the classroom) and therefore at the top of Santa’s list this Christmas.

It has already been a great year for newly-weds royals Harry and Meghan, but just got even better with both their namesakes among the top ten nicest names.

Boys called Tom, Alexander, Jake, Sam, and Michael, and girls called Louise, Faye, Kayleigh, Mollie and Harriet, were found to have received the least rewards, and therefore on the ‘naughty list’. However they still have a month to improve their behaviour.

Obviously this is all just a bit of Christmas fun and nonsense, and we are proud that our products motivate and inspire young people, whatever their names.

Visit http://www.schoolstickers.com/en-gb/christmas to see some of our Christmas themed rewards.

*We supply over 9,500 schools with stickers, postcards and certificates, which teachers give to pupils for good behaviour and achievement. To enable teachers, pupils, and parents to track the rewards given, some schools give out coded rewards which pupils log online at www.mystickers.co.uk and others give out virtual rewards which are automatically recorded. Last school year, 36,262 pupils received 1,729,822 rewards. Analysis on the data reveals which names were awarded the most stickers – the nicest – and which were awarded the least – the naughtiest!