What gifts teachers really want for Christmas

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Christmas is a wonderful opportunity for parents and pupils to take the time to thank teachers for all that they do.

We recently carried out a survey of over 100 teachers to ask them about the gifts they have been given, what have been their favourites, and if there are any where they wish they hadn’t bothered.

It found that 85% of teachers are given gifts by parents and pupils at Christmas, with chocolate by far the most common gift given, closely followed by a bottle of wine.

When asked what their favourite gifts have been it seems that a little bit of thought is all it takes with three quarters (75%) mentioning something that is homemade or personalised by a child as their favourite gift, such as treasure boxes, Christmas tree decorations, cakes and cupcakes, key rings, mugs, cushions, plant holders, notebooks, fridge magnets, bracelets, or even just a simple card made by a child.

However don’t panic if it is too late this year for your little one to make something, the usual flowers, wine, chocolates and vouchers are also still very appreciated.

Only 15% say that have been given gifts where they wish they hadn’t bothered, but when you hear what they were given you can understand why! Everything from a half-eaten box of chocolates, out of date chocolates, wine and chocolate liqueurs for a teacher who doesn’t drink alcohol, junk food, and even raw fish!