Top 5 Primary Products 2018


Gold shooting star Sparkly headteacher award

We love looking at what teachers choose to buy each year to motivate and reward their pupils, and below are the top 5 primary products bought in 2018.

  1. These lovely gold, glossy Head Teachers stickers are still your favourites. There are 700 stickers in a pack, all personalised with your school or Headteacher’s name. Get 17% off your order when ordering 5 packs or more of any 700 pack of stickers!
  1. Our Mini Gold Shooting Star stickers are a close second. A fantastic multi-purpose award which really stands out. Order 1 sheet for just £1.50 (117 stickers) or 2340 stickers for £24.95 so you can share them with your teachers.
  1. Our Super Sparkly stickers have been a HUGE success this year, with hundreds of different designs onto which you can add your own text. Happy Birthday, Ask Me Why and Sparkly Stars are just some of your favourites.
  1. Attendance stickers and certificates are popular products, especially at the end of each term.  Our stickers are great for rewarding daily or weekly excellent attendance and our certificates are perfect for handing out in assemblies.
  1. Encouraging healthy eating and healthy lunches is a big focus in every school.  Our stickers and reward charts help encourage your pupils to eat all their fruit and vegetables. They can all be personalised with your choice of text.

We can’t wait to see what you choose in 2019!

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