Sports Day – What rewards are your pupils given?

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Sports Day season is a very busy time of year for the team at School Stickers, as we work hard to ensure that all our schools have the necessary personalised stickers, certificates, badges, medals and trophies.

A few years ago we researched over 1,000 pupils to find out what happens at their Sports Day, a great way to make sure that we are providing the rewards needed.

We were interested to find out that two fifths of them (42%) said that their school only rewards the winners in each race, and one in five (22%) said that their school rewards all pupils for taking part, but gave a special prize to the main winners. We developed a new range of “we ran a race” stickers just for this purpose, and also created some super value Sports Day packs.  

Earning house points seem to be a big incentive. Over a quarter of pupils in the survey went to schools which link the sports days results to house points, with 11% only giving house points, and 17% giving house points and individual prizes.

When asked about what races take place during Sports Day, the survey found that almost half of pupils (49%) go to schools which only do serious races at sports days and a third (34%) go to schools which combine the serious races with the fun ones.

The most popular fun races are the teacher races (30%), three legged (24%), egg and spoon (23%) and the sack race (15%). Parent races don’t seem to happen in secondary school, with only 7% of pupils saying that parent races are held at their school.

It is great to see that Sports Day is still an important part of the school calendar, and interesting to see how different schools choose to motivate and reward participants.  We would love to know what happens in your school, so do get in touch and let us know.

If you can’t find the rewards you are looking for on our website, do get in touch, as we would love to help you create what you are looking for.

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The survey was sent to all secondary schools across the UK in May 2016 and promoted to the 68,000 secondary school pupils that use Over 1,000 pupils took part.