Carrot Rewards – price cut by nearly 50%

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We want as many schools as possible to use our reward platform, Carrot Rewards, so have reduced by the price by almost fifty per cent.

We know that managing school rewards can be time consuming regardless of the system used. The Carrot Rewards platform has been designed to minimise this workload for teachers as much as possible.

However, the real benefit of using Carrot Rewards is that you get so much more for your efforts, in how you can engage with pupils and parents, along with the insight you get from the data which is captured.

We have been developing this school reward platform for over ten years to make it the most feature rich school rewards platform available, whilst still being easy to use, at an affordable price. Carrot Rewards is used by hundreds of educational establishments across eight countries and was a BETT Awards finalist in 2017.

By reducing the price, it really is now one of the most cost-effective reward platforms available. We hope that Carrot Rewards will now be an option for even more schools, and that thousands more pupils, teachers and parents can benefit.

A one year ‘Primary Licence’ has been reduced from £985 p.a. to £495 p.a. (only £42 per month) and a one year ‘Secondary Licence’ from £1695 p.a. to £995 p.a. (only £83 per month).  This includes unlimited teacher, pupils and parent accounts, and unlimited access to Carrot, and the My Stickers pupil and parent apps.  Get in touch to find out more.

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Key benefits

  • It is a simple, yet highly visual and engaging way to reward pupils, engaging both pupils and parents, thanks to competitions, milestones, and an optional shop, as well as specific apps designed for each.
  • Students can keep track of their rewards through the MyStickers Pupil app, and parents can choose to be contacted when their child receives a reward, and are able to log into the MyStickers Parent app to see how their child is doing, and even leave messages of encouragement.
  • Carrot Reward’s real-time, comprehensive reporting means it is easy to keep track of every reward given out at school. It provides invaluable insight into the behaviour and achievement of students, right down to individual pupils, classroom, form, house, year, and even reward level, as well as other unique fields which are important to individual schools, such as FSM, SEN, G&T.
  • It can easily be configured to suit how individual schools want to run their own rewards programmes, integrates with all Management Information Systems, can be integrated into the SIMS achievement module, and is mobile optimised.
  • It is all set up by the Carrot Rewards team for the school, meaning launching and running a reward system has never been easier.

Get in touch to find out how Carrot Rewards is working in other schools, and the difference it can make in yours.