Attendance certificates, stickers and postcards


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It is nearly the end of term, and traditionally many schools give out rewards to pupils with excellent attendance.

Some schools choose to give out 100% attendance award only, to reward those with perfect attendance, whilst others choose a bronze, silver and gold option.

Some choose to reward punctuality as well as attendance, with perhaps stickers for being in time all week, or all term, or all year.

Whatever your school’s chosen method, we have the rewards to help. Most of our rewards can be personalised, so if the message isn’t right for your school, get in touch and we will do our best to help.

Some schools have found that rewarding classes rather than individuals can be more effective, and offer attendance trophies for the best class or treats for classes with above 97% attendance.

This is a tool used by many teachers to encourage good behaviour in the classroom, with rewards for the whole class, if all pupils achieve agreed levels of behaviour.

If you can’t find an attendance reward which would work for your school, please get in touch, and see if we can help.