Teacher postcards are treasured by pupils



Most pupils really do care what their teachers think of them. If a postcard is sent home, praising them for their hard work, good behaviour etc, they are often treasured by the pupils, and parents.

We often see a big increase in the number of postcards ordered at the end of term, as many teachers give out, or send postcards to their pupils, to recognise the end of the year, and all their hard work.

We also have a number of schools where the teachers send postcard to pupils before the start of the new term, to welcome them to their new class, and get them excited about coming back to school.

We have a wide range of postcards available to choose from. One of the most popular at the moment is this bright rainbow mix postcards, and the head teacher postcards, but we have hundreds of designs available, to suit all ages.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, do get in touch, and we would be happy to help. We have had teachers wanting to personalise postcards with photos or cartoons of themselves, photos of the class, or even quotes or jokes which have been a theme through the year.

They really are a great way to motivate pupils, and communicate with parents, and can be printed on high quality card, with super glossy finish, so the pupils can treasure them forever.

Wow postcards WELCOMEBACKPC-00Geography PP

We also have a wide range of attendance postcards and certificates which are given to pupils at the end of the year who have had record attendance.  We have found these to be very popular with schools, and again treasured by proud parents.

They can also be used throughout the year, to remind parents of the importance of attendance if required.

attendance  certs attendance postcard attendance merit

Whether it be congratulating pupils for their hard work and behaviour throughout the year, reminding pupils and parents of the importance of attendance, recognising the end of the school year by giving pupils a personalised note from their teacher or welcoming pupils to their new class; postcard are a very effective way to get your message home.