Motivate your children with a personalised reward chart

reward chart - cars Girls potty training Nighty night

The school summer holidays can also be a great time for trying to motivate children to learn key skills, whether it be doing jobs around the house, or teaching them a bedtime routine, or toilet training.

Some parents even wait until summer to try to toilet train their children, as when accidents do happen, this warm weather makes washing clothes and bedding easier.

If you are planning on taking the plunge this summer why not get your little one a reward chart. We have everything from dinosaurs and ballerinas, to princesses, pirates, cars, farms, space and simple stars.

The matching stickers which comes with our charts can even have your child’s name printed onto them at no added cost to you.

Our reward charts can also be personalised with your child’s goals. Whether it be creating a bedtime routine of getting into pyjamas, brushing teeth, going to the toilet and staying in bed all night, or a set time for practising a musical instrument, or tidying their room.

Whatever you have planned we have a reward chart to help. Kids can visibly track their efforts as they work towards the end goal, and have a great feeling of accomplishment as the chart fills up.

blue reward chart dinosaur reward chart Farm reward chart