School Stickers Goes Green


We are excited to announce that we are on a mission to ‘Go Green’. From now on all paper stickers will be printed on recycled material, no varnish will be used, and there will be much less paper-based marketing.

We have worked hard to ensure we can do this whilst maintaining the high quality of our rewards, and without changing our low prices.

Changing to recycled paper will save over 1,000,000 sheets of A4 sticker paper a year, over 100 trees! The new sticker material is accredited to EU Ecolabel standards.

Varnish is used on stickers and postcards to add a slightly ‘shiny’ finish which makes them look brighter, however varnish in its liquid form is pretty nasty stuff, with very scary warning labels, which is not good for the environment.

We have invested in new printer technology which means the quality of the non-varnished stickers and postcards is excellent, and you won’t notice any difference.

When it comes to marketing, instead of sending out monthly direct mail marketing, we are moving to termly catalogues. By making this change we have reduced our paper usage by 200,000 sheets of A4 per year, or 20 trees. The hope is that you will hold on to the catalogue or download the PDF version from the website when you need to order.

This is just the start of our exciting journey to make our company and products greener! We have recognised that we can, (with some effort!) make some pretty big changes to the way we work that will have a positive impact on our how we are affecting the environment.

We are now looking at ways we can use recycled materials or greener options where possible on other products and packaging, and alternatives for our metallic and sparkly stickers. Our ultimate aim is for our stickers to be 100% biodegradable and are in the process of researching organic adhesives such as potato starch.

As soon as we have news on this we will let you know, so keep an eye on the website and look out for our emails.