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Shoe Labels

Our early years shoe stickers are more than just labels for footwear. They offer preschool children the confidence and ability to find their own shoes and trainers in a higgledy-piggledy class pile. These small clever stickers can also teach nursery children to put their shoes on the correct feet. The footprint shaped stickers say, ‘These belong to’ and have a brightly coloured ‘L’ and ‘R’ on them for easy recognition and a helpful start to early reading. They also come in two other cute shapes - dinosaurs and butterflies which will delight any child when they see their name printed on them. There are 9 pairs of stickers in each pack which all are made to order. The stickers are 27.5 mm x 46mm. Rather uniquely we make our early years shoe stickers out of cloth which eliminates slippery or sweaty feet where the stickers are placed.

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