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Early Years Stickers and Rewards

Amongst nursery and preschool children, stickers are as precious as Olympic medals. They wear them with pride, eager to show the world what great things they’ve achieved that day. This is exactly why we make our early years stickers bright, colourful and extra sticky so they last so much longer. Better still, you can customise them with any text of your choice, at no added cost, so you can create a perfect personalised reward. We’ve got a sticker for every occasion; for doing a fab job on hand washing and reinforcing making great toilet training progress, to applauding more general behaviour such as super listening, excellent table manners at lunch or simply in recognition of sharing toys successfully. There are endless options to choose from and our early year stickers come in a variety of shapes from circles to squares to fun stars. Sizes start at 10mm and go up to 50mm. Pack sizes range from small, medium, large and value - depending on your sticker choice. The stickers are bright, colourful and never fail to put a big smile on a small face! Choose from multi-coloured, sparkly and metallics, we’ve got them all. Our early years stickers encourage young children to learn and explore and enjoy their time at nursery and school, whilst also providing them with a colourful visual reminder of all the exciting new things they’ve done and achieved whilst away from their family. The stickers are ideal for motivation, reassurance and a super boast of confidence for little learners