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Wristbands For Early Years

When you’re little there’s something grown up and super exciting about a wristband. No matter what the message on it, if you’re a preschooler wearing a wristband it pretty much turns you into a superhero! For nursery teachers everywhere, our early years wristbands are just the thing to put around tiny wrists on group days out for an added layer of security. They are comfortable, durable and tough. They also work just as well as a special award that won’t fall off during an active day of playing and exploring. Nothing screams I’ve had a brilliant day better than a peel and seal wristband with messages like ‘Ask me why I got this wristband’ or ‘Superstar Award’. All our wristbands can be personalised with any text of your choice at no added cost and come in a range of bright and fun designs. They work well for informing grown-ups of allegery information or other specific information for individual children. Our single use preschool wristbands are printed to order, come in packs of 96 and are 17.5cm x 1.5cm making them the perfect size for wiggly little wrists.