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Stampers for Secondary Schools

Our secondary school self-inking stampers are the most cost and time efficient way to get though that massive stack of marking that every teacher faces. Each stamper acts as a subtle nod of encouragement to students and a quiet pat on the back to keep trying. Our wide range includes options from generic smiley face stamps to our 3-in-1 Key Stage stamps. Our popular stampers offer guidance advice such as; ‘Your Best Points Are’, ‘To Improve You Need To’ and ‘Next Steps’. More frank reminders of things that need attention such as ‘We Will Go Over This In Class’, ‘Warning Triangle’ and ‘Homework Not Done.’ The collection also includes some rather unique designs like our traffic light stamper. Featuring a traffic light design in black ink, this simple yet powerful stamp can be used in an exercise book and then you colour in the level achieved within the traffic light design. We also have stamps specifically tailored to each subject and we can personalise them with your school or teacher name at no extra cost. Our fully customisable, multi-layer, self-inking stamps offers amazing value for money. Available in four messages with four colours in one stamp, it allows you to personalise each stamp layer with your name and praise or marking message, and save time marking your student’s work. Most of our stamps will last for around 10,000 impressions before simple re-inking is required. Why not chat to the School Stickers team about our stamp range?