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Our Story

School Stickers was founded by Chemistry Teacher Daniel Laurence in 2000. Whilst teaching in an inner city school in Birmingham, Dan found himself constantly looking for products to help motivate his pupils. In the end - unable to find anything good enough - Dan designed and printed his own stickers. Stickers to motivate pupils and stickers to help with marking.

The stickers at that time were black and white, a nightmare to print and (compared to today) pretty unsophisticated designs! But as he used the stickers and saw the reaction he got - both from pupils and other teachers he showed them to - he knew he had a hit on his hands. From there School Stickers was born!

From that simple idea, School Stickers has now extended to cover a wide range of customizable products such as stickers, postcards, certificates, reward charts, wristbands and teaching stamps which are used in over 9,500 schools across the world with millions of rewards printed every year.

In 2007 Dan brought in investor Bridges Ventures to assist in continuing to grow the business. Bridges are a special financial partner, and uniquely suited to School Stickers, because Bridges will only invest where there is a social benefit to their investment. So you know that everyone from the people in the print room to the shareholders of the business care!

With the help of Bridges and a dedicated team (meet them here), School Stickers are now attempting nothing short of world domination. We already provide rewards to the UK, Australia, many countries in Europe, the United Arab Emirates and even as far afield as Mongolia and officially the world’s most remote school on the island of Tristan Da Cunha!

This is all possible due to the fact School Stickers, isn’t just about the stickers...

As part of The Carrot Company, School Stickers powers a number of online tools designed to engage and motivate children.

We have something for everyone:

For pupils we have MyStickers, our amazing online sticker album used by over 700k children who have logged over 4 million stickers

For the whole school we have Carrot Rewards this captures all the rewards data for your school from MyStickers whilst giving you the tools to engage and motivate your pupils. No more tracking reward schemes in Excel or even worse, on paper!

We know how important all our teachers are, so we created Classroom Carrots for you. Classroom Carrots is a hybrid of physical and virtual rewards that gives teachers and children all the benefits of the traditional combination of School Stickers and MyStickers with the added bonus of their own fun, virtual classroom.

Let’s not forget our parents too; we know how important you are in your child’s education and behaviour which is why we created our latest innovation, our MyRewards App, think of it as virtual pocket money!

The best thing about all our tools, they are completely FREE for our customers! So what are you waiting for take a look around our site and find the best stickers for you – if you can’t well you can simply design your own with our amazing new Sticker Maker.