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Carrot Rewards is our online rewards system that is available to all School Stickers customers.

We know that for a rewards scheme to be successful you need two things, Engagement of students and Buy in from teachers

We also know that every school is different and has different requirements when it comes to rewarding their students. This is why the Carrot Rewards scheme has been designed to be completely flexible and can be utilised in two different ways:

Pupil Led or Sticker Based System

Carrot Rewards uses a combination of physical, printed rewards and integrated online technology to engage and motivate your students whilst saving teachers time and effort when managing their reward scheme.

Teacher Led or Virtual Rewards System

Our new Classroom led system works in a different way, it is a focused online solution where the teachers log the rewards using a very simple and visual interface. Therefore it is still appealing and engaging for the students but does not take time away from the teacher.

School wide reward systems can give students their first experience of the world of work, where appraisals, reviews and bonus culture are common place. Carrot Rewards gives you all the tools you need to run an effective and successful reward scheme that is having a positive impact on students all over the country.

Features of Carrot Rewards

  • A flexible solution that can be customised to the needs of your school
  • Track student's achievements with automatic house point, year, form and subject leader boards
  • Easy to set-up and run competitions with student accessible leader boards
  • Use seven unique fields to track student attainment across different pupil groups (such as SEN, Gifted & Talented, Free School meals) and have the data in seconds to present to Ofsted
  • Students can collect points and trade them in for prizes in our Carrot Shop
  • Carrot saves you time and effort when tracking rewards

How does it work?

  • Every student has an account on Here students can log their rewards using the unique 6 digit code printed on their stickers, or see all their rewards given to them in class by their teacher.
  • Every teacher has an account for Here teachers will see all the rewards logged by their pupils or be able to bring up their class and simply drag and drop rewars for their students achievements.
  • All the rewards are worth a number of points and in students can keep track of these as well as see progress in school led or national competitons.
  • Students love to track their rewards in their own virtual album, shop in the virtual shop, and customise their online buddy!
  • Carrot Rewards allows you to track pupils achievement, set top performer or prize draw competitions, automatic milestone notification and even run your own your own shop!

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