Classroom Management: Volume Control

Welcome to School Stickers! Too much noise in the classroom can affect a child’s ability to learn. Studies have shown that even low levels of noise can affect the brain’s ability to access existing memory or lay down new memory. We have a range of products from stickers to posters to help keep classroom noise to a minimal.


It can be difficult for children to regulate their voices in the classroom, but there are various strategies to maintain classroom noise levels, one of which is by using a Classroom Noise Level Chart.  Mounted on your whiteboard, a Noise Level Chart can instantly transform your class from a noisy environment to the perfect learning environment it needs to be.

We have created a volume chart for you which has 4 levels: Sharing Voice, Group Voice, Partner Voice and No Voice, each voice has an explanation of when it should be used.  Simply put a peg on the edge of the volume you would like your classroom to use and watch the magic happen!

Noise Level Chartsmall

If a child is talking too loudly, there is no need for negative feedback such as ‘don’t shout’, instead try asking them to use their ‘Partner Voice’.  It also works the other way around with shy children who need to speak louder and use their ‘Group Voice’.

There are lots of other charts and classroom management strategies out there and we would love you to share what you use in your classroom in the comments box below…

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