Reward Charts- Keep Your Feedback Coming!

Your feedback has helped us to create two brand new School Stickers reward charts! 

Reward charts can be great, that’s no secret but we want to make sure our reward charts are A4-RC-07-00great for you, your pupils and your children.

Every comment, email, phone call and review is taken on board here at School Stickers so, when someone says they can’t quite find what they’re looking for, we strive to create it.

Our range of reward charts is growing all of the time.

So far a few of our favourites:

Since we’re always trying to think of new products to appeal to you, we need your opinions!

The bloggers

We’ve been sending charts to blogging parents to hear what they think!

Louise at A Strong Coffee, Sian at Potty Mouthed Mummy and Mary at Over 40 and a Mum to One are just a few examples of honest and helpful reviews we’ve received.

Em from brummymummyof2 shares her suggestions on the best ways to deal with toddler tantrums, one of them includes…yes, you guessed it, our reward charts. Take a look at her top tips:


A4-RC-06-00About our new charts!

Thanks to your comments and reviews, just like the ones above, we’re coming up with new reward charts with new designs and layouts and lots of options as to how you use them.

Our two new designs have a new layout. There is space for seven everyday tasks in the column on the left. Each chart then has two weeks worth of daily sticker spaces so you can award up to seven stickers a day!

You can now buy six months worth of sticker charts for just £7.49. Buy the pink version here and the blue here.

 How you can help

We need as much feedback as possible on all of our products, not just our reward charts. We want to know what you think is good and what you feel is either missing or needs to be improved.

By leaving us a comment on our product pages, blog posts, social media and review pages, you’re helping us to make sure that when you come back to purchase again, we’ll have an even bigger and better range of products for you to pick from.

Find us on Facebook by searching for School Stickers and on Twitter @SchoolStickers. Leave us a comment, picture or send us a tweet- we love hearing from you!

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