The Grouse & the Mouse: Emily Dodd Children’s Author

Emily Dodd, CBeebies screenwriter, freelance writer, educator and children’s author tells School Stickers all about her new book The Grouse and the Mouse and shares why she loves writing for children! The Grouse and the Mouse is out for sale now via Amazon, Hive and all good book stores retailing at £5.99.

Why children’s books?
I love the way children think, laugh and enjoy life. They’re creative and interested in the world around them. I like to remind children that they’re amazing and unique and I want to share some of the things I love with them too – science, nature and stories!

The biggest lesson writing children’s books has taught you about children?
It’s important to have characters they can identify with, so make characters just like children (even though my characters are animals, there are always young animals included).
Who are the Grouse and the Mouse?
Bagpipe is a Black Grouse, he’s a proud show off! Squeaker is a Wood Mouse, he’s quietly confident but not at all pushy with his opinions like Bagpipe. This book is about those two characters’ friendship. Squeaker is how I wished I’d been as a child – sure of who he is even when other people tell him he’s should be different!
What message does The Grouse and The Mouse put across to children?
The message is be yourself. And it’s okay to disagree. And you don’t have to change yourself to get people to like you – it’s important to know who you are and what you like and don’t like. Also, if you’re a show off you might end up in a mess.
You work a lot with young people, what makes children really smile?
Being squirted with water! Cheeky puppets and dancing are a big hit too. Also being part of the story, being able to join in on actions and having their ideas and opinions listened to.
What’s next for you?
I’ve got a book coming out in September with Harper Collins called ‘Volcanoes’. It’s a science book for children 8 – 9 years. I’m also doing book festivals and events over the next few months to introduce people to ‘The Grouse and the Mouse’ and I’m continuing with ‘Can’t-Dance-Cameron: A Scottish Capercaillie Story‘ events too. I’m working on some new pictures books too!
The Grouse and the Mouse

Bagpipe the Black Grouse thinks he’s the most magnificent animal in Scotland. He feels sorry for Squeaker, the little brown wood mouse.

But when danger comes, Bagpipe finds he needs help from his small, brown friend…

A gentle but funny story about celebrating our differences, full of sounds and actions.
We created stickers for Emily’s book launch, you can read all about The Grouse and the Mouse and Emily’s other works on her website here. Visit Floris Books, the publisher for further information and the link to purchase The Grouse and the Mouse. 
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