The ultimate guide to school rewards

Are you a big fan of using rewards in your class or are you just starting out and trying decide what would benefit your class the most? Here’s a rundown of our most popular rewards and what they’re best used for.

Stickers from £1.98

It goes without saying that this type of printed reward is the biggest selling and most popular with schools globally. Stickers are great for kids of all ages, don’t let older kids fool you into thinking they don’t feel a sense of pride when they see a star sticker next to their work. We have lots of different stickers available so here’s a quick run down of the categories:

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The longer lasting alternative to stickers and an extra special award for sport events and to show off involvement in a team. We have both button badges which can be fully customised and are made here in the school stickers office and enamel badges which look great on school uniforms.

Customised Button Badges from £6.95

Enamel Badges from £1.49 per badge

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A4 & A5 certificates for every occasion, subject and age range. Whether you want to hand out head teachers awards or say well done for being brave during school injections we’ve got a design for you.

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Stampers from £4.95

Great for speeding up the time you spend marking and for adding a little something extra to feedback. Stamps are a great way of rewarding older pupils who might feel a little old for stickers. These self inking stamps are also cost efficient and an effective way to provide constructive feedback and reward at the same time.

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View more products on the website here. You can find lots more information including different designs all over our blog but if you get stuck drop us a line on 0800 988 0550 and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect rewards for your pupils.

Did you know you can design your own classroom rewards from scratch using our Sticker Maker? Find out more here and use the button below to start designing, it’s really easy and you’ll be done in a few simple steps.

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