5 Creative Ways to Make Your Rewards Even Better

Welcome to School Stickers! Are you using stickers, badges, certificates or postcards with you class? Here’s 5 ways to make your school rewards more effective and make a bigger impact.

1. Add your own text!

Customising your stickers and other printed rewards is really easy using our on page text boxes. Most of our products allow you to add up to 48 characters of text which can be your school name, teachers name or anything else you’d like!

Transforming your rewards into personalised treats is a great way to add a little bit of extra motivation into your reward system.

2. Make your own rewards

Really, the ultimate way to make the best of your school rewards is to create your own. Using our Sticker Maker you can make your own badges, customise stickers, design postcards and personalise stamps! You can read all about the steps you’ll need to take here. Using Sticker Maker is really easy and you’ll get lots of help along the way so you can create and order your own designs in just a few minutes.

Schoo Stickers sticker maker

3. Send rewards home

Sometimes rewarding your pupils in class just doesn’t do the job you need it to, you need your reward to travel further. By sending rewards home like our personalised postcards you’re able to involve parents and guardians in the recognition of great achievement.

4. Keep track of kids stickershow-does-it-work

With MyStickers kids can enter the code on the bottom of their stickers into the website or on our app to collect points to customise their avatars. You can find out all about MyStickers here. Each time kids logg a sticker code they’re automatically entered into our prize draw to win anything from a voucher code to an ipad!

5. Find the right reward for your class

With rewards for early years, primary and secondary we’re able to design rewards that are great for all age groups! You’ll find bright and fun characters in our early years collections and some really classic designs in our secondary categories.

On our subjects page you’ll find the 100’s of different subjects we have specific rewards for. Textiles, Maths, Science, Economics and Business Studies are just a few of the subjects we have. If you can’t find rewards for the subject you’re looking for give us call on 0800 988 0550 and we’ll help you find or create rewards for your class.

All of our rewards are effective at motivating and rewarding your pupils to ensure continued effort and good behaviour both inside and outside of the classroom.