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We have started on an exciting journey to make our company and products greener! We have recognised that we can, (with some effort!) make some pretty big changes to the way we work that will have a positive impact on our how we are affecting the environment.

So what have been up to?

Recycled Sticker Paper

The first big change you may have noticed is we are now printing our paper stickers* on recycled material. This has been a big project for us as we needed to maintain the high quality of our stickers whilst still offering low prices.

We think we have achieved this with flying colours as our stickers look as great as ever and we have been able to maintain our great value for money pricing.

To put this into context we will be saving around 1,000,000 sheets of A4 sticker paper a year which works out to over 100 trees!

Our new sticker material is accredited to EU Ecolabel standards.

No More Varnish!

We have been varnishing our stickers and postcards since we started way back in 2000. They added a slightly ‘shiny’ finish which when compared to non-varnished did look a bit brighter.

Since starting School Stickers printer technology has improved and with it print quality. We have also invested in better more expensive equipment over this time so in truth the quality of our non-varnished stickers and postcards is amazing.

The varnish we used even though completely safe when applied is pretty nasty stuff in its liquid form (the label is quite scary) so we have made the decision not to varnish anymore of our products.

It also didn’t make sense to cover our lovely recycled stickers with varnish!

I honestly believe you won’t notice any difference apart from buying our recycled stickers you are also helping a bit!

Less Paper Based Marketing

Another big change we have made is to stop sending out direct mail marketing each month. We do have to market but we recognise this is not sustainable. So hopefully you have seen our new term catalogues which we hope you will keep safe and use well!

By making this change we have reduced our paper usage by 200,000 sheets of A4 paper per year or 20 trees!

What’s Next?

We are now looking at ways we can use recycled materials or greener options where possible on other products and packaging.

Making our stickers 100% biodegradable by using an organic adhesive such as potato starch is ongoing!

When we make progress, we will update our website and look out for our emails!

Please note this currently excludes our metallic and sparkly stickers.